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Hi! Iโ€™m Diena Diallo. Iโ€™m an author and a single mother of 5 children. Growing up, my heart was full of love for people and nature and my mind was full of so much creativity, that I started braiding at the age of 10. This inspired me to build a business in African braiding and hair care.

At Diena Simply Natural (DSN), we help women connect with their inner and outer beauty through African hair braiding and natural hair care at its finest.

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1. It Is One Of The Best Hair Salons In McKinney. Yeah, call it bragging, but we have been in this space for well over two decades. With so many customer testimonials to choose from, we don't need to toot our own horn. 2. It Is One Of The Fastest Growing Black Hair Salons In McKinney. DSN Braiding Shops in Texas has employed hundreds of braiders over the past 20 years, and that's because these braiders have realized that they can get the required skills and experience they need at this business. As we serve new customers & get referrals, the salon continues to thrive in the McKinney area, making everyone happy. This is why we can acclaim it to be one of the fastest-growing black hair salons in McKinney. 3. It Is One Of The Best African Hair Braiding Shops In Texas. We're constantly striving to be different from our competition every day. This is why we'll stop at nothing to ensure we provide all the possible products and services that customers need to stay beautiful. & we'll continue to do more until we become the best African hair braiding shop in Texas. 4. Beyond McKinney, It Is a Fast-Moving Hair Food Oil In Texas. DSN Braiding has had customers from McKinney purchase the product and tells their friends about it. While the product is readily available at the shop, it's also available for purchase online and can be delivered anywhere in the United States. One major reason we say itโ€™s fast-moving hair food oil in Texas is due to proximity. 5. It Contains Some Of The Best Essential Oils For Black Hair Growth.


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DSN Hair Food Oil

DSN Hair Food Oil provides long-lasting moisture and is a protective barrier formulated for all hair types. This natural formula benefits extensions and braided hair styles by preventing breakage during the โ€œtake downโ€ process. Detoxifying eucalyptus and tea tree oil to stimulate and soothe the scalp.

Directions: Shake well before use to completely mix contents.

For curly and textured hair types apply a quarter size amount twice a week directly to the scalp and hair shaft. For fine and straight hair types apply a dime size amount once a week directly to your hair. For all braided hair styles apply two quarter size amounts twice a week.


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