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I help women looking for change to feel beautiful about themselves, so they can live confidently through life and stay healthy enough to achieve their dreams.
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The Book

Discover the small changes you can make in your daily actions that will create a positive impact on your health. The tools in this book will better your life and help you to achieve your dreams.

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The power of your hair

Do you often feel disappointed about your looks? A beautiful braid can be the vehicle you need to transform your life. With the right hairstyle, you'll feel beautiful, confident and ready to move mountains. At Diena Simply Natural, we not only help you with the perfect hairstyle, but give you nutrition advice that'll help you rule your world.

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Alicia Jackson

Diena Simply Natural did an amazing job on my hair. I look gorgeous. I have received compliments everyday since I had my hair done. The service was professional and courteous. I would recommend Diena Simply Natural to anyone that wants to enhance their natural beauty with quality workmanship and professional service. Thank you, Diena.

Kay Pruitt

Live, love and be beautiful. This is how you will feel after you come out of Diena's.
Wonderful people and you feel like they care about your hair. It is also a wonderful place to go for natural hair. I have been going for over 8 years.
Love it!!
Love it!!!!!!!

Simply Natural Braids

With 26 years of experience, I can make you rock.

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114 Weave On
74 Natural Style
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1a Crochet Braids
IMG_0689 Goddess Braids
80 Tree Braids
g Dreadlock

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